Engineering Meets business

Deft Dynamics combines world-class engineering with elite business models, allowing us to create and grow products from ideas and prototypes to marketable goods that can shape the world.

Paving the way

Our team works hard to design and create technologies with practical uses today, but with the future in mind. Every product we invest our time in now is a stepping stone for future projects.

Shape Memory Actuators (Patented)

What is it about robots that makes them so robotic? It isn’t “intelligence”: it’s physical Degrees of Freedom – unique ways they can move. A CGI robot has -244 DoF, NASA’s most complex has only 40. More DoF at lower cost is the future no one sees yet.

Robotic Solar Array (Patented)

Digital Driving Coach

APEX Pro makes data simpler. It combines a robust real-time LED display and an intuitive smartphone app for post-session data review. It uses the latest in Machine Learning and sensor technology to make logging data an enhancement to your experience at the track and NOT a time consuming, complicated process. Instant, intuitive, elegant, and social.

Apex Pro Website

From the Inventor

“When I was a race engineer, we were always hearing about these dozens of new tools and techniques to analyze data and drive faster. But they really only ever did one thing- compare the driver’s performance to the car’s capability in different scenarios. So, APEX cuts the complexity and just gives you that.”

A software & hardware ecosystem where anyone can build app-controlled systems.

100% arduino compatible

Modular design

Built-in app connectivity

Neo-PLC Website

This isn’t just lightweight, it’s optimized.

Brigand Arms creates the lightest, strongest weapons systems that technology can produce. We work with both traditional smooth carbon fiber structures and “open-structure” (OACS) carbon fiber braid. This allows us to make strong, dependable products that are built to last — and light as air.

Brigand Arms Website