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Give your ideas a pulse.

Deft Dynamics is an innovative engineering company creating robust technologies for the modern world. Our unique structure of designers, engineers, and business-people working closely together throughout every project allows us to turn ideas into high-quality, effective products in a condensed timeline. 

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Embedded Electronics
Circuit board design, embedded code + in-house manufacturing
RTM Composites
Custom injection molded fiber composites
App Development
App design focused on a sleek UI and exceptional UX
Production Design
Material and custom hardware design for IoT and other embedded electronic projects
Graphic Design
Our design team works closely with our engineers to develop a seamless product
Business Studio
Startup Studio bringing ideas and businesses to life

Design + Develop + create


Deft has the experience, expertise, and capabilities to manufacture a wide range of products. We can create the circuit board, embedded code, exterior hardware, server backend, and app controller for any project - all in-house. 

We bring our clients' ideas to life and create products we are proud of and confident in. Every project we take on is an oppurtunity for us to demonstrate our capabilities, ingenuity, and speed in product development.

Our engineers work directly with our app developers as well as designers, resulting in a final product that is cohesive and unique for each customer.

INternet of Things

Machine Learning

The world is connected like never before - lights, coffee makers, washing machines, cars - all connected and accessible over your local network. Deft has the skill, knowledge, and experience to take your product to the next level by connecting it to the internet of things via Wi-Fi and secure Bluetooth 5 mesh. Remote control, information streaming, data analysis, machine learning: all from the your smartphone or computer.

Successful and meaningful products requires constant innovation. Deft utilizes industry standard and cutting edge technology in our production process and technology development.

Connecting advanced machinery and electronics to software for data gathering and machine learning can be challenging. Since our inception, Deft has been perfecting combining software and hardware to create products that are relevant and distinct. 

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