Monthly Archives: March 2020


MOXIE IoT has built an App-dashboard that shows the vital data points from the sensors embedded in ventilators used to treat COVID-19 patients. The world is focused on making more ventilators, which is absolutely necessary. But what people are not focused on yet is the fact that it is very time intensive for a medical professional to monitor and record the various sensor levels for a patient on a ventilator.

Medical staff are having to don a mask, sanitize outside the patient door, sanitize inside the patient door, manually check the life-saving data points including Pressure (cmH2O), Flow-rate (mL/s) and Volume (mL) on patient’s ventilators. Then record that data, make sure it feels within normal ranges, or decide that you need to check back sooner than usual because of danger signs. Even with 500,000 more ventilators available in the US, the TIME COST to monitor this massive amount of data in a manual fashion is staggering. Not to mention the worst risk of all – every single time a medical professional enters an infected patient’s room, they are putting not only themselves in danger, but even worse their children, spouses, parents and grandparents are at increased risk as a result of these heroes’ daily work to save the lives of strangers.

There is a better way, and we don’t have to imagine it – we’ve built it. Using MOXIE’s secure, wireless Sensor-to-App monitoring technology, a caregiver can remain outside the patient’s room, and their MOXIE App will automatically pull in all data since the last visit, and allow danger thresholds to be customized for each datapoint, individualized to each patient, to trigger alerts for danger signs.