Inventing truly new, useful, and beautiful technologies.


Investing capital + hands-on resources for seed-stage startups, usually around our own team’s inventions.


By working harder than anyone else and continually improving ourselves, we are able to provide something that money alone can’t achieve – a team of rockstar talent with cutting edge resources to come along side you and turn an idea into a world-class business.


Austin Gurley, PhD
Founder - CTO

Ross Wesson, CFA
Founder - CEO

Baker H. COO of Deft Dynamics

Baker Heppenstall

Amanda Skalitzky
SMA Materials Intern

Andrew Rains
Marketing Director - Apex Pro

Bain Gurley
Deployment Lead

Clay Brackett
Composites Pro

Corey W.

Corey Wandrisco
Embedded Electronics Engineer - MOXIE

Jake Howell
Sales Director - Brigand

Kyle Kubik
Sr. Engineer

Luke Moore
Technician - MOXIE

Philip Flanders
APEX Pro - Tech

Robby Foley
Pro Driver - APEX Pro

Stuart Coats
Robotics - Intern

Tabby Brock
Social Media Specialist


No Excuses.

Everyone makes mistakes. We make them known to the team as soon as we discover them; we fully own both our mistakes and our accomplishments; and we do whatever it takes to correct mistakes when they occur. This mentality results in pain when we have to admit to errors. But more importantly it gives us the freedom to plunge forward with confidence, knowing that we are the masters of our own outcomes.

Results, Results, Results.

Leaders who succeed at DEFT are right more often than wrong, and more importantly they are right about the things that matter. Paramount is that the job is done, and done well.

Act Fast.

Action > Inaction. Define the goal; thoughtfully but quickly develop your plan; then execute. Iterate until you succeed.

Every Day is Day 1.

Yesterday’s mistakes are experiences that made us wiser; yesterday’s accomplishments are milestones marking progress on our journey toward making consistent, forward-thinking, high-quality decisions.

Run Lean.

One of DEFT’s core competencies is the ability to accomplish with $100 what anyone else would spend $1,000 on and still only perform half as well. Have a laser-focus on costs, and always choose the cost-efficient creative solution over the easy expensive option.

Have Fun.

“Fun” is a cocktail of doing what you are good at, doing what you enjoy, and doing something you find inherently meaningful. DEFT was crafted to be an environment where you will discover and experience all three of these elements to a degree you never imagined possible.

Stand for Something.

Disagreement is good. If you believe you are right, convince your team of it. Don’t roll over the first time your idea is shot down. Fight for your ideas, until proven right or proven wrong.

Do the Right Thing.

You will never be punished for doing the right thing. Having a moral code is necessary for your success at DEFT. If you are debating a moral decision, just ask yourself what you would choose if your decision would be the headline on tomorrow’s newspaper. Act accordingly.

Be Curious.

You will have a clearly defined job and have a specific set of skills and expertise. Don’t stop there. Learn how the rest of the business works. Learn how products are designed and manufactured; learn how they are marketed and how sales leads are sourced, qualified and closed. Take someone on another team to lunch and find out what they do every day.