Homeland Defense & Security Information & Analysis Center (HDIAC): Assault-Ladders & DEFT Dynamics’ OACS Carbon Fiber Technology.

In the early morning of April 7, 1776, after fighting through the night, Capt. John Barry and his crew threw ladders over the deck of the HMS Edward and took command—the first capture of a British ship by the Continental Army [1].

Long before that day, and ever since, ladders have been a staple tool of naval and land assault. They also find a place in other critical environments, including
tactical military and special operations, emergency and disaster response, police and SWAT operations, climbing, and diving…

Studies by Deft Dynamics LLC find that ladders fabricated from composite materials provide decreased weight at a cost of increased stowed volume. There is ample room for innovation in this space, to reduce both the collapsed size and weight of a composite ladder.