A team of rockstars in tech + business, working together to bring truly remarkable technologies + startups to life.


     DEFT began with composites – our first major product was AR-15 handguards made from carbon fiber.  Since then we have developed cost-effective ways to create pristine composite parts, focusing on resin transfer molding technology.

     We produce quality composites in-house using the industries most advanced technologies. From AR-15 accessories to carbon fiber flashlights, we can turn any model into a finished composite product.

Embedded Electronics

    Embedded systems are fundamental in modern tech. We develop hardware and software from scratch, turning sketches and ideas into circuit boards, apps and hardware.

     Our UI and UX design team works seamlessly with our programmers and engineers, allowing us to create software and hardware that are perfectly made for each other.  Every device we make is held to our high standards and goes through multiple iterations and tests until we are confident it is ready for full production and sale.


What is it about robots that makes them so robotic? It isn’t “intelligence”: it’s physical Degrees of Freedom – unique ways they can move. A CGI robot has -244 DoF, NASA’s most complex has only 40. More DoF at lower cost is the future no one sees yet.